28-07-2009 Una McKevitt

This week I'm on a countdown to find the pair who will join Vickey, Aine, Michael and Ali in Victor and Gord CUBED. I need to confirm who this pair are before August 1st and begin work on their interviews and start rehearsals with them. Being part of a big festival like Dublin Fringe is great but it does mean some of the people I would like to be involved are committed to other projects in Fringe. But, the nearer it gets to the line, the more exciting it becomes cause the challenge increases and this project always responds well to challenges. Also Ali and Michael had over three months between being approached by me to participate and actually performing and this was a cause of some stress for them; the anticipation of what would happen grew larger and larger; whereas I think Aine and Vickey benefitted from only having a month to get their heads around the whole thing.

So whoever you are, you NEW TWO, hurry up and let me find you and let's make some theatre together!