Live from the 'Clea

Jay has just cooked up a storm for his co-stars Gord and Victor. We ate cod with wild mushroom and smoked bacon risotto, accompanied by some asparagus, topped with a fennel foam. Fancy or what and all made from scratch. No wonder he's Ireland 1998 Irish salmon chef of the year.

Gord supplied a bottle of red and Victor's dad's press supplied dessert which consisted of an assortment of biscuits and granola. Not too bad for a Friday evening.

We're listening to Fleetwood Macs greatest hits.

have a nice weekend y'all....!

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Tonight we discussed Dresses

Tonight we discussed dresses. Gord wonders why men never know the difference between a skirt and a dress? Gord asks Jay what's the difference between a skirt and a dress. He doesn't know but thinks girls look great in dresses. Gord thinks casual dresses are better than the kind of dresses women wear to weddings. Jay has worn a dress twice. Victor hasn't worn one since her Debs and will never wear one again.

It's all really happening - PRINT ARRIVED!

Our beautiful print has arrived in Project all thanks to the brilliant Alan Early. We LOVE IT! Check it out if you get the chance, it'll be all over town from today, feel free to take a flyer, tell your friends, spread the's a sneak preview!

"Life...don't talk to me about life."

17 - 27 FEB 2010

The ever evolving and expanding world of VICTOR AND GORD is spinning back around this way. Project Arts Centre has taken us on and given us a challenge. Reworked, revamped and recharged, Victor, Gord and Jay are letting us in again and this time it’s longer and stronger.

How has it evolved? How is it different? How is it the same? Well we’ll let you in on all the developments, plans, disasters, jokes and hopes. We know where the show has been, we have an idea where it’s going and there are some big unknowns, big challenges and big friendships to tackle.

For starters, you might like to know, the team here at victorandgord has expanded. Originally conceived by Una McKevitt and the cast - they are now joined by a host of different characters behind the scenes. We have Ciaran O’Melia joining us to design a beautiful space for stories, Fiona Keller to Stage Manage, organise, nag, pester and be the Holy Bringer of Tea, we have the talented and inimitable Mr. Alan Early working on some audio visuals for the show (more on this later!) and we have Producer Lara Hickey (me!) to put out all the fires. And last but certainly not least, as Una is now an Assoicate Artist at Project Arts Centre - we have the endless support of Willie, Niamh, JC, Melanie, Aisling, Annette, Kate, Carmel, Siobhan, other Kate and all the staff there.

So it’s all new to me and all very exciting...stick with us to see how it all goes down. Now one week into rehearsals already (eek!) we are fast approaching the new Victor and Gord and the new world of REAL LIVES TOLD BY THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE THEM.

And as Virginia Woolf said...

“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.”