Opening Night tonight and we are a little nervous and VERY EXCITED! After two previews and many tweaks, changes, running order re-arranges, music edits, lighting changes, costume changes, paint touch ups and a few close shaves with a Garage Door...WE ARE READY TO GO!

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565 + Who's making it?

Marie and I went to Italy together in May to begin researching for the show. I had asked Marie to keep a record of the shows she had been to which she dictated to me as I can't read her hand writing. The week was a success, we sourced plenty of material discussing the shows Marie had been to and most of her sixty years on earth. We also had a good row (we had to, we're related) and got locked in a cemetary. Which was okay because Italian cemetries are stunningly beautiful, especially at night. We eventually escaped by scaling a wall.

Until about a month ago Marie and I spent most rehearsals alone building on our time in Italy. Now, to our great relief (did i mention we're related?), we have been joined by the rest of the 565+ crew.

Creative Producer Áine Beamish
For a long time I have wanted to work with Áine Beamish and finally I am! As Creative Producer Áine has thrown herself into all aspects of the show and provides invaluable artistic direction to the project. Our trust in Áine has had a significant impact on the process of developing this show. It couldn't happen without her.

Set & Lighting Design Ciarán O' Melia

We are lucky enough to be working with the very in demand Ciarán O'Melia who will be designing our set and lights. Ciarán and I went to college together and share an aesthetic for the stage which is bare but beautiful. At least that is what we are hoping to achieve with 565+. At the moment anyway. Anything can change!

Costume Design Kiki BeamishÁine's sister Kiki Beamish will be designing Marie's costume. Kiki is Head of Wardrobe in The Gate Theatre and has worked on every show there for the past 6 years. She is also working on the Beckett/Pinter/Mamet season as part of the UBDTF this year. Despite how busy she is Kiki has put a lot of her time and energy into the show already and we love having her in the room for her warmth, good humour and glamour!

Stage Management Duncan Molloy

When we found our stage manger Duncan Molloy everything fell into place for us in the rehearsal room. Duncan will share the stage with Marie, operating the show and so it is essential that they get on. And they do! Duncan provides wonderful support to us both and has great insight into the work, which is a big bonus.

Video Viral Alan Early
Out of motives of superstition and admiration I always have to work with Alan Early no matter what. Alan is a graphic designer/film maker and is creating a viral for the show which we will debut on the next blog post.

Lucy Clarke
The images for 565+ come courtesy of Lucy Clarke who nailed exactly what we wanted with no bother, no fuss and lots of style. Thank you Lucy! For a peek at her delicious new website click here!

Sound Design Philip Stewart

One of Marie's favourite shows of all time had an extraordinary score and sound design by Philip Stewart. Philip recently joined us to provide the sound design for the 565+.

Frankly, we can't believe our luck.

Úna McKevitt

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565+ is supported by Irish Theatre Trust and Project Arts Centre.