Coming to Kilkenny!

The great news is we're coming to Kilkenny! Friday 6th to Tuesday 10th August 1pm in Cleere's pub.
You can buy tickets here

We did a quick reci of the town recently and were really impressed with its beauty and energy so we can't wait to see it at festival time.

The Kilkenny Festival really has something for everyone. On the theatre programme, curated by Tom Creed, we recommend you don't miss Susan and Darren by Quarantine. This show inspired Victor and Gord and is a once in lifetime experience. Recently we got a sneaky preview of THEATREclub's revamped 'Group Therapy for One.' It plays in Cleere's pub the week after Victor and Gord. Go See!!

We are really looking forward to taking up residence for five days in Cleere's pub. Come to the show at lunchtime and stay for a pint with the cast afterwards. It's a proper pub, country and cosy. A lot of our Dublin friends are coming down to see the show and  party with us and we can't wait to make new connections in Kilkenny and see as many shows and gigs as possible.

Victor and Gord